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Public Works

Various UDOT Maintenance Buildings

UDOT public works stations accommodate highway snow clearing trucks, maintenance bays, storage areas and support facilities including staff office and training space. The scale of the maintenance station is defined by the truck configuration and its associated maneuvering clearances with plow(s) and sander or brine tank installed plus the requisite material stockpiles. Also important is the configuration of site components. Each site is carefully analyzed in relation to the program specifics and a master plan unique to that project is developed. A variety of building types and configurations have been utilized over the years since Archiplex Group has been assisting UDOT.  The buildings are either pre-engineered metal or concrete masonry in a variety of arrangements depending on the requirements of each individual site.  Archiplex staff have programmed, designed and completed construction on many maintenance projects with a total cost of more than $25 million to date.

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