Civic Projects


Archiplex Group was retained by BHB Engineers and DFCM State of Utah to provide design services for the preservation of the masonry walls of the nearly 100 year old barns at the Utah State Fairpark. The buildings needed to be redesigned for structural stability, but the Fairpark and SHPO wished to retain the historic character and appearance of the original. Archiplex Group worked jointly with both stakeholders to closely maintain the look of the original roof structure in form, color and texture.

The buildings are relatively long and narrow, with a 14’ to 16’ eave height, and approximately 4:12 pitch roofs, resulting in approximately 30’ tall ridge lines, and tall masonry end walls. They are used for the annual State Fair and hold animals and other displays. The structural analysis
concluded that the roofs and their supporting structure needed to be replaced and that the masonry walls were able to be kept in place, but could not support the roof.

The buildings were declared dangerous and unsafe for occupancy until the structural repairs were made. Begun in December 2013, the requirements put upon the design team was to finish design and construction in time for the next year’s Fair. The design team worked quickly with all parties to determine the final project scope and to develop acceptance for the design solutions proposed with SHPO.

In addition to the structural upgrades, significant masonry reinforcing repointing was specified. Also, after the start of the project the State requested that the windows also be replaced. The new windows were selected to match the historic mullion pattern and coloring and tall windows on the building ends were re-introduced after remnants of original windows were discovered under panels of wood sheathing. Power assisted ventilation was introduced along with new energy conserving LED lights.


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