Office Projects


Many years earlier, an artist and her husband purchased adjoining properties in Springdale, Utah, with the intention of building a permanent residence that would accommodate an artist’s studio for her and an in-home office for him. They approached Archiplex with the challenge of creating a sustainable and contemporary design that would seamlessly blend into the beautiful surrounding landscape they had come to admire. They had a vision for a new home that was highly efficient in terms of plan organization and site-sensitive in terms of its placement and views, all while adhering to the extensive and design-critical regulations set forth by the Canyon Springs Estates HOA.

The home is composed of three structures: the first being the 1,850 SF main residence, the second a 740 SF Artist Studio, and the third a 700 SF utility systems and vehicle garage. The design of the home incorporates sustainable features and systems planning to accommodate the owners’ flexible lifestyle. The garage/studio structure includes photovoltaic solar panels on the roof for electrical power, as well as solar hydronic panels along the south exterior wall for home heating. To minimize maintenance and water usage, the landscaping is kept minimal, with most of the water needs being fulfilled by rain collected in a rainwater collection tank that feeds into the residence from behind the Studio and Garage. The contemporary-style design of the home blends harmoniously with the surrounding area by utilizing materials that complement the site. Additionally, the orientation of the house has been carefully planned to take full advantage of the breathtaking views that Springdale has to offer. 


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