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Archiplex Group designed an impressive new 2-story public concession and restroom facility at Blackridge Pond in Herriman, UT. Situated by a beautiful recreational pond, the pavilion offers stunning views to visitors. The upper floor features a concession area that also serves as a supervisor outlook for park staff. On the lower level, you will find thoughtfully designed men’s and women’s restrooms, along with mechanical spaces. The building was officially opened in the spring of 2014.

Since its opening, the facility has received strong support from the community and is widely considered the benchmark for restroom buildings in the city’s park system. The design seamlessly integrates with a series of pond-side shade structures and picnic facilities, creating a cohesive and enjoyable recreational environment for visitors.

One of the notable features of the facility is its eco-friendly design. The building is non-heated and non-cooled, reducing its impact on the environment. It is also fully winterized, ensuring its usability throughout the year.

Archiplex Group’s attention to detail and commitment to sustainable architecture make the Blackridge Pond Pavilion a remarkable addition to the recreational landscape. 


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