Utah Community Action – Kearns Center

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Utah Community Action – Kearns Center

The Utah Community Action (UCA) Head Start Building Project in Kearns, UT is a transformative project aimed at contributing to the revitalization of this Kearns neighborhood. This new facility provides a bright and inspiring environment for early childhood education, contributing to the betterment of the local community. The project involved the removal of existing vacant, vandalized, dangerous buildings to make way for the building along a long, narrow site. The design principles focused on integrating the school into the neighborhood’s revival, utilizing a fresh and vibrant color material palette, and offering an exciting playground structure to engage young minds in the learning process.

Project Objectives:

Enhance Early Childhood Education: The primary objective of this project was to create a modern educational facility to enhance the quality of early childhood education services provided by the UCA Head Start program.

Community Revitalization: This project is a vital part of the neighborhood’s revitalization efforts, contributing to the overall improvement of the Kearns community.

Modern Design Aesthetics: The new Head Start building incorporated a new bright color material palette, providing an uplifting and inspiring environment that created a new standard to be used on other UCA facilities.

Safe and Stimulating Play Area: A new playground structure was integrated to create a safe, engaging, and interactive play space, fostering children’s physical and social development.


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